Reston Virginia Patio Company

Reston Virginia Patio Company

Welcome to Loudoun Green Care, a leader in landscape design, construction and maintenance.

For over 10 years, our top priority has been to exceed our customer’s expectations in everything we do. We have a proven track record of success in creating and maintaining beautiful landscape environments for both residential and commercial clients.

Whether your vision for your property’s landscape is large or small, you can rely on Loudoun Green Care to design distinctive outdoor environments that capture your personal taste. We offer a complete range of landscape construction services for both residential and commercial landscapes.

Our trained design team is focused on making your ideal landscape dream a reality, by listening to your goals and delivering on them with a plan that transforms your outdoor space into a landscape that is both exquisite and functional. We understand that your outdoor spaces are both an extension of your home and your lifestyle, so whether you’re looking for a space for entertaining, an area to play with children or a hideaway for quiet contemplation, count on our experts.

Reston Virginia Patio Company

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Outdoor Flagstone & Concrete Patios
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Stone Walls & Retaining Walls
Sprinkler Design & Installation & Repairs
Your Leesburg Patio Company Contractor delivers the Perfect Patio to You
A patio is a wonderful place to be on a summer evening. When you dream of making home improvements do you imagine yourself enjoying warm summer evenings out by the pool in your own backyard?
Leesburg Patio Company contractors are actually very serious about the job they do. They make it their business to help homeowners achieve their dreams.
Leesburg Patio Company contractors are experienced professionals in the field. Whether you are looking for a concrete patio or a brick patio, they are able to design and construct whatever type of patio you are looking for. Whatever materials, or layout you desire, they can integrate them to create the perfect result. For example, they can even add to your patio a pool or garden to create a garden patio.

Reston Virginia Patio Company

Patio Construction and Components Your Hamilton Patio Company Contractor will be using
Patios are normally built out of stone or concrete slabs which are laid overtop of a lower layer consisting of small stone chips, sharp sand and cement mortar. They can be fabricated in any design or pattern that you want. With creativity and good planning, your patio can be as beautiful and as comfortable as your living room.

There are some people who think only one patio is necessary. However, that may not be true. Having more than one patio is a great way to show off a large size and well-groomed yard. A Hamilton Patio Company contractor is ready and waiting to construct patios that will enhance the array of beautiful landscapes your yard can provide.

Walkways made of brick, stone, or concrete connect platforms together which bring a certain depth and elegance to your yard. If you wish, you can attribute a “theme” to each patio. For example, you could have a brick patio for barbecuing that connects to a garden patio, which then connects to a pool patio. A skilled Hamilton Patio Company contractor is able to assist you in planning, designing and constructing each one of your projected layouts.

Reston Virginia Patio Company

Your Patio Vista Courtesy of Your Hamilton Patio Company Contractor
When planning the design and construction of a patio, you need to keep some very important facts in mind. First of all, where are guests going to look when they’re standing on your patio? Secondly, how can you make that view more interesting? To improve the view from your new concrete patio, a Hamilton Patio Company contractor can help you with suggestions and ideas.

If you are fortunate enough, this will be a simple answer for you. If you are located on an escarpment, with naturally attractive view from the back of your home, you don’t need to worry about your guests having an interesting view. It’s much more likely that you’ll have to work together with the Hamilton Patio Company contractor to come up with eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing arrangements to enhance the beauty of your patio environment.

Keep in mind the diversity plants can bring to an environment, along with the various techniques that can be used in enhancing the layout of concrete, brick and stone. A skilled Hamilton Patio Company contractor could, for example, install flagstone in a specific pattern or design; sandblast intricate carvings onto the surface of concrete; or use carved bricks in the creation of your outdoor patio.
Choosing to place colorful and hardy plants around the outline of your patio and pathways can turn any ordinary patio into one of elegance and richness. If your patio view simply offers the back of your own house, then perhaps while the Hamilton Patio Company contractor is focusing on your yard, you can tend your efforts towards some designing of your own. Firstly, make sure your house is clean, and then think of ways to add color or outdoor decoration, such as in window boxes, curtains, banners, or house signs. In order to make a dull outdoor patio into an exciting one, you can use things like wind chimes, hanging plants and outdoor lighting.

Think about the level of sunlight available at the time you’ll likely be using the patio, and whether there will be an appropriate amount of shade. Your Leesburg Patio Company contractor will be happy to take a look at the arrangement of your yard and offer suggestions for the best place to install your patio. You might not realize there’s more shade on the left side of your home than the right, but a trained professional Dallas Patio Company installer can spot it right away. Also consider the fact that you can include shade sails, awnings, yard umbrellas, or tall plants in the design of your patio to provide shade.

Creating the Best Fitting Patio to Suit Your Home with Leesburg Patio Company
Have you ever visited a backyard party that felt cramped even though the lawn was a good size? Every day undersized patios are installed by homeowners who don’t want to overwhelm their yards and builders who are just following orders. By working alongside your Leesburg Patio Company contractor there will be no need to worry about having an overcrowded patio.

Once you know what you will be doing with your outdoor patio, it will be easy to determine the appropriate size for it. Will you be using it for barbecue parties on weekends, or will you keep it as a peaceful retreat for yourself and your family? Share these priorities with your Hamilton Patio Company contractor so that you both understand the final result of the patio construction that you are looking for.

Reston Virginia Patio Company

One of the best ways to tell what size of outdoor patio you will need is to buy the furniture you plan to set on it. Arrange it on the lawn as you would like to have it when the patio is installed. It is a good idea to assess whether your furniture is set up well, with enough “personal space” left for each future guest while sitting at the chairs and tables. The Leesburg Patio Company contractor can help you with this. After this, you can use spray paint to mark a sufficient outline right onto the grass for your predicted outdoor patio. It is preferable to give yourself a larger size patio than you need rather than it being too small, and you will have simplified the job of your Leesburg Patio Company contractor by deciding on the exact size ahead of time, instead o
Building Your Dream with an Experienced Leesburg Patio Company Contractor
The most effective way to achieve the patio you want is by communicating with your Hamilton Patio Company contractor. If you’ve been wishing for a place to relax and let the world drift away, call a local Leesburg Patio Company installation company today and make your patio dreams come true.

Reston Virginia Patio Company

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